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N’wana Gogo finally spread his wings

Nhluvuko Vision Khalanga known as N’wana Gogo. Image supplied.

By Sydney Fujuka

A 25-year-old Nhluvuko Vision Khalanga known as N’wana Gogo from Gandlanani ka Khani outside Giyani is thrilled after fulfilling his dreams of being a Musician and finally realizes his first Xitsonga traditional album titled Zandhi.


Khalanga grew up listening to Xitsonga Musicians, especially the likes of the late Matshwa Bemuda, and the renowned Xitsonga artist, Benny Mayengani.

The album seems to be doing well so far, however, his dream is to expand his music career and get to collaborate with his role Model Benny Mayengani, Sunglen Chabalala and many more.

Khalanga also added that it wasn’t that easy to get into the Music business, but with the help and support from his family and (Mr) Ngobeni made things to be easier for him.

“To my fans, please watch out space, there’s more still to come from Gigela Records and N’wana Gogo and since I will be collaborating with more artists”, he said.

Every track of his album speaks the goodness that Khalanga is indeed a Musician, Songwriter and also an entertainer.


His focus is to grow as an artist and also growing the brand (Gigela Records) and still urges people to support his project and attend his events lined up for this December.

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