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“King of Shangaan Disco,” Peta Teanet remembered on the 24th anniversary of his tragic death

By Nyeleti Ngobeni

Today marks 24 years since the fatal shooting Peta Teanet, popularly known as the “King of Shangaan Disco Music” by a policeman following an argument in a bar in Acornhoek, Bushbuckridge at the age of 30. The legendary Shangaan Disco King met his untimely death on 13 July 1996, but his pioneering music remains timeless. His music journey started with him playing the keyboard and singing in the choir as a youngster.

Teanet rise to fame is a classic “rags to riches” story of humble beginning and a glorious, albeit premature ending. Like many musical protégées, he self-taught and navigated the tumultuous journey saw him grow to become a pioneering giant of Shangaan Disco.

Fuelled by an unquenchable desire to succeed, his passion led him to Johannesburg in pursuit of his dreams. He soon released hits such as “Divorce case, Maxaka which were followed by a prolific succession of hit albums which includes Saka Naye Jive and the black Force.

Teanet became the undisputed monarch of Shangaan disco and raised the South African flag high. During his music career, he worked with Papa Penny who was his friend, Foster Teanet (his younger brother) and the award winning singer and songwriter Joe Shirimane.

King of Shangaan Disco Music was a devoted family man who lived at Thapane Village in Bolobedu, South at Ga-Modjadji. He had eight wives and 13 children who accompanied him on tours as his backing vocalists. He commanded instant respect amongst his peers in the music industry.

Teanet will always be cherished and remembered as one of South Africa’s most talented singers, songwriters and record producers. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

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