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Dj Lady Shiks taking the music industry by storm

By Matimu Mabunda

DJ Lady Shiks. 

Rising music phenomenon, Dyondzo Gift Shikwambane, commonly known as DJ Lady Shiks was, this weekend, featured on Africa Month Edition(Friday Alive Party) hosted by Capricorn FM.

The 28-year old DJ from Dzingidzingi village outside Giyani was the only female DJ at the Alive online Party. This was a remarkable achievement because not only did she represent Vatsonga people on the national platform, but also made a mark as a woman in a male-dominated industry, to inspire women who have aspirations to follow in her footsteps.

Growing up in a family with musical background, her mother used to be a backing vocalist and a dancer for one of the pioneers of traditional Xitsonga music, the legendary HW Makhubele. The Lady Shiks recounted how she would often sneak into her father’s liquor trading business as a youngster where she was exposed to different music genres. To her mother’s dismay, her love for music and dancing would often land her in trouble because she was under age, and not permitted to be at a tavern. This lashes she got from her mother as punishment did little to deter her from abandoning her first love.

During her high school time she used to listen to late night party time shows on Capricorn FM where she got hooked to the art of DJing. But it was at University where she got exposed to different festivals and the beautiful night life, and she knew that she wanted to make music. While studying BSc Degree in Water and Sanitation at the University of Limpopo, she saved some money from her bursary together with the money she received from her part time job to buy a laptop and started to learn making music with Virtual DJ. She would later go to Soul Candy Institution of Music to master her craft.

Inspired by her late father who was a great businessman, Lady Shiks doesn’t look far for strength and inspiration as she was always surrounded by people who believe in hard work. Looking at her thriving career, Lady Shiks has graced and performed at some prestigious events nationwide and beyond South Africa’s borders. She is a regular feature at gigs around Polokwane, Johannesburg, Ermelo and other places including Ha-Pita in Maseru, Lesotho, Coconuts Mozambique Maputo, University of Limpopo, Peter Mokaba Stadium, Blue House Chesanyama and many more.

Her biggest highlights include performing in Lesotho, Mozambique and Swaziland, and rubbing shoulders with some the industry heavyweights such as being in the lineup at Benny Mayengani Fill up Giyani stadium concert. She was featured on Macucu banga Music video by DJ Ganyani ft Sasi Jozi and shared a stage with the internationally acclaimed DJ Black Coffee and BET award winner Sho Majozi. And nominated as the best female DJ for Limpopo Music Awards last year.

Lady Shiks has been invited for interviews and live mix sessions at different radio stations. In 2018 she released a single called ‘Ni Langhe Wena’ ft. Eugie, which was nominated for Xitsonga Music Awards at GCR FM, ‘I didn’t win both awards, yet grateful for being honored as a nominee, she said.

As a first female Mutsonga DJ, she hopes to inspire women who are trying to break into the music industry, by empowering and also paving the way for women to express themselves and showcase their musical exploits. In June 2019, Lady Shiks hosted Tsonga Queen Diary where she featured her friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry. She’s also a philanthropist, and says that giving back is close to her heart. She donates sanitary towels to a Campaign called ‘We are magic’, and sponsors less privileged matriculants with stunning dresses and shoes for the matric dance.

Catch DJ Lady Shiks on Capricorn FM breakfast show from 13 June 2020 where she will be on two-week rotation. This opportunity came right after she was the only female DJ featured in the Africa Month Edition and felt honoured to be part of such a big Radio Station with a big reputation and listenership.

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