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Cycling for a cause!

By Staff Reporter   

Nyiko Masango from Tzaneen is yet to make history, this time Mr Dynamix as he is known will be cycling from Tzaneen to Tanzania, to climb Kilimanjaro.

Speaking to Giyani View Masango said he has started preparations for his 3400km in two and half weeks.

“I’m running a project called ”Presence in fatherhood” an initiative that was birthed from my experience, where I was denied access to my son, after parting ways with his mother.

“It’s part of the 100km walk that I do every year since 2017. I do have access to my son now.

“My main objective is to challenge men to be actively involved in their children’s lives. I would really appreciate your help, in completing this Tanzania project next month.  

“This trip was inspired by a recent loss of a dear friend, a colleague and a fellow adventurer”. He said.

Mr Dynamix will cycle from Tzaneen to Tanzania, to climb Kilimanjaro in September, 24. Meanwhile, in November, 29th to 30th he will walk 100km starting in Polokwane at 20:00 Friday and end in Tzaneen the following day.

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