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Collins Chabane Municipality’s Clap Back On The Kappa Sportswear Fiasco…

Collins Chabane Municipality employees rocking in their Kappa tracksuits. (Black in colour). Image supplied.  

By Blessing Mabunda  

Collins Chabane Municipality (CCM) spokesperson, Dr. Isaac Nukeri on Thursday refused to disclose details on the Kappa sportswear saga which left a dozen of Malamulele residents astonished. 

According to Dr. Nukeri CCM is like any other municipality, and they have a right to buy cheap sports tracksuits for its employees who are participating in sporting codes. 

Dr. Nukeri, however, failed to furnish details whether the Kappa tracksuits were bought by the municipality or being sponsored. “From the municipal communication unit, we can work with any brand and the employees can benefit from…

“We know those individuals who are badmouthing the municipality because they haven’t received tenders. They thought everything will be easy for them and we proved them wrong. 

“We have done exceptionally well in terms of service delivery and none of the media houses are reporting about it”,  fumes Dr. Nukeri. 

A source whose identity is withheld for fear of reprisals, reported that the municipality’s head honchos spent an exorbitant amount to buy the employees of the cash strapped Collins Chabane municipality new Kappa sportswear.  

Our source has retorted the need to prioritize certain services, which the municipality had for far too long failed to render since they’re one of the depositors who lost millions of rands with the now defunct VBS bank through malfeasance. 

It’s alleged that the municipality was looking for a quick way to exhaust the funds allocated to them before the current financial year elapsed and, avoid risking to have the budget allocation being sent back to the treasury. 

“You can’t spend money buying Tracksuits, and hand them out as freebies to grown up adults who cares very little about fitness matters… rather than to channel the funds to other pressing issues that requires the municipality’s urgent attention”, said the source. 

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