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Young People From Disadvantaged Families In Giyani’s Gathering Was A Futile Exercise!

Images/ Giyani View. 

By Sydney Mathebula and Accra Maweya 

A group of young people from disadvantaged families background in the Greater Giyani precinct were on Tuesday gathered in Kremetart, Giyani following the SMSs sent to them on Monday. 

Giyani View understands that hundreds of young people were left in the lurch, after their due learnership stipends weren’t paid for months now. 

Giyani View learnt that the youth from ka- Ngove village were made to pay R100 each, in exchange for a learnership program under the auspices of a Gauteng based company, Delen Digital Corporate Solutions for a learnership that was set to take place in Kremetart. 

According to a reliable source whose identity could not be revealed for fear of reprisals, said the contracts awarded to these students in 2018 were for a duration of twelve months, and after that, they were then cut and reduced to three months. 

“Their contracts came along with a stipend of R2,940 monthly which none amongst the registered students on the aforesaid leanership had received a remuneration till to date. 

“Risimati Chris Rikhotso who is a ward councillor in Ngove village took advantage over the unsuspecting students, who were duped in the process. 

“He collected R100 from each applicant, and in the process, although they had to oblige and join the ANC in exchange for this learnership. 

“Rikhotso and a health care practitioner, Bongani Maringa (recruiters) both of them are ANC cadres in good standing and, have ever since got promoted after using underhand tactics to coerce the applicants in to joining the ANC in exchange of a learnership”, he said. 

The learnership didn’t take place last year 2018, however the same students were awarded yet another three months contracts this year in July. 

Bongani Maringa on Monday told Giyani View that there’s no stipend allocated to the learnership. Maringa added that she wasn’t aware of the R100 paid by the applicants from Ngove village. 

According to one of the students, they have received SMSs on Monday from Maringa requesting them to avail themselves for a must to attend meeting on Tuesday at 13pm. 

When Giyani View arrived at the center at 12:58pm found that multitude of students have gathered outside, and the gates were locked. 

There were no sign of Maringa or Delen Digital Corporate Solutions representatives and even the security personnels since Giyani View arrived at the venue. 

Giyani View left the venue at 15h30 and Maringa’s phone was since on voicemail.