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Who Is Fooling Who… Momentum In Denial Of Their SMS’s?

EPTASAWU chairperson, Austin Mabasa handing over a memorandum of demands to Lucky Twala of Shasha/ Injabulo spar.  Image/ Deborah Mabasa. 

The labour disputes between Giyani/ Mopani spar employees and their employer is far from over.

Momentum Spokesperson, Sue du Plessis told Giyani View on Wednesday that they haven’t received the termination letter of Mopani/  Giyani spar employees. 

However, Giyani View had seen the SMS’s sent to the employees by Momentum. 

In the SMS’s Momentum sent alluded that they have received the termination letter of the employees. 

Below is the SMS sent to Rikhotso.

Dear  Ms  Rikhotso

Your employment with DEVENCO TRADING 44 (PTY) T/A MOPANI SPAR and your membership of the FundsAtWork Umbrella Provident Fund have ended.

Your withdrawal claim has been finalised. A letter confirming details of payment will be emailed or posted to you.

Call 0860 65 75 85 or email Regards Momentum

And here is the other SMS sent to an employee as a confirmation and/or acknowledgment of receipt of provident fund disbursement requests, and automatic cessation of membership with Momentum insurance… 

Dear  Ms  Soundy (Ref: 2732202)

You are leaving your employer and your membership of the FundsAtWork Umbrella Provident Fund will also end.

We’ve disinvested your assets and will apply for a SARS tax directive.

 We will keep you informed.

Call 0860 344 434 or email

Regards Momentum

Something doesn’t add up, and momentum does not help the cause whilst they continues being evasive on their part as they play marbles with innocent lives and their emotions… 

Who is fooling who here at Momentum? 

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