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Two people killed in a mob attack in the village of Shawela within a month

By Jade Mthombeni

At least two people were killed during a mob attack in Shawela Block 23 village outside Giyani within a month.


On Tuesday morning, 06 July 2021, a man suspected of being part of the gang stealing Plasma TV sets was burned to death at Shawela Block 23.

Some villagers who spoke to Giyani View that day stated that the police were not doing their job.

“Mob justice is the only solution. Police have failed us. Criminals need to be taught a lesson”, said one of the community members.


Giyani View was informed that the mob attacked the victim after allegedly denying having pointed out his accomplices.

Meanwhile, another victim was killed in the same village in June 2021 after he allegedly raped a toddler.


However, Giyani View learned that there was no tangible evidence against the two victims.

Giyani Police weren’t reached for a comment at the time of going to press.

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