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Siyandhani village’s controversial pastor at it again…

By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- Siyandhani village’s controversial man of the cloth, who invariably hogs the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, is at it again and never cease to astound his church congregation.

The Seven Fold Holy Spirit Ministries,  Pastor, Christ Penelope in October during the sermon under the theme “Demonstration of God’s power” went overboard when he anointed his congregation with  condom oil.

Congregants had condoms in their possessions, which then left many people shocked as the so-called man of God was filled up with the holly Ghost, and he instructed one of the congregant to bring forth a condom, he then opened it and, began to anoint a chair. He asked congregants to come and sit on the anointed chair. All of them allegedly fell down as they succumbed to the spell of the “Holy Spirit”.

On Sunday (16th December) during the church service the pastor claimed that the Holy Spirit had ministered and instructed him to let the congregants to eat tetrapodophis.

According to the church’s Facebook page post, the tetrapodophis was brought into the house from the Father, one of the son ran and killed it and left it outside and immediately the Holy Spirit began to minister to the Father of the house Christ Penelope about Acts 10 when God brought a sheet to Peter to kill and eat.

“When he, Christ Penelope stepped onto the podium he said, there’s nothing that can enter this house while it’s not hallowed. Therefore God can not give what is unclean and if you killed that animal it means you have to eat it and that’s when he called the Son who killed it and the power of God began to affect others that were sited and they tried to run away screaming, but because of the inescapable power of God, they were pulled back to the house.” The Facebook post concludes.

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