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Sikhunyani’s very own music sensation, KJ Mponisi, takes music scene by storm and annouces his arrival in the industry in style!

By Owen Mafukele 

Music is a universal language spoken and understood by all and sundry. However, good music always tantalises the mind, feed the soul as it unwittingly finds the empty pocket space and fills it with love, cordially ingratiate itself into the hearts of those who fully grasp the craft that comes along with it…

Music is culture, and it unifies through song and dance…  

 Xitsonga R&B, soul and Afropop has for the longest of time been the ‘it thing’, and the cream of the crop in music industry. It gave birth to the legends, and continues to unleash young talent in our midst.

 Paul Ndlovu is one such artist who have led from the front with an all time hit ‘Tsakani’ to mention just one, with the lyrics from the song ‘hi ta famba moyeni’ which has clearly gained traction and popularity amongst different tribes and got perennially referenced by musical officionado.

On the 2nd of November 2019, KJ Mponisi Giyani Prince will have his first CD launch of his maiden 7 tracks album at Mopani SuperSpar in Giyani, where a host of other artists shall grace the occasion with their presence and help catapult KJ Mponisi’s meterioric rise to stardom.

Mponisi Nkuna, second born son of James and Grace Nkuna… was born and bred at Sikhunyani village. KJ is the latest acquisition to enter the fray and music sensation to join the growing influence of Xitsonga R&B, and is looking forward to leaving an indelible mark in the music industry at large. 

Mponisi’s love for sounds and stuff like that started at an early age, at remote rural village in the outskirts of Giyani. KJ Mponisi as he’s affectionately known begun his musical journey at a local church in Sunday’s school. He went on to represent in school competitions, and his love for music grew lips and bounds.

“We urge all music lovers to come in numbers, to have fun, experience newly exciting Xitsonga sound and witness live performance from KJ Mponisi and other artists…” said KJ 

Muponisi’s love for R&B, soul and Afropop was influenced by some of the great legendary musicians like the late Umanji, and Jeff Maluleke amongst some of the greats musicians to have graced Xitsonga R&B, soul and Afropop.

“People should expect to be lulled by exquisite ballads, soul soothing sounds, relaxing and vibey tunes with life guidance directed at young and adults”,

Damage ke mahala, free entrance”, concluded Giyani Prince.

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