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Psalmist Jay – The Annointed Voice Of Our Time

Psalmist Jay, born Joshua Mabunda. Image supplied. 

By Albert Maluleke

Psalmist Jay, born Joshua Mabunda, is making a name for himself in the gospel fraternity and is well on his way to making it big.

The Giyani born artist from Bambeni village is garnering the attention of many due to his recently released single “ndzi tlakuse”. He’s currently studying general management and leadership skills at the Business School of South Africa.

The multi talented and dynamic Psalmist is also making headways in the creative arts, does decoration, and is a motivational speaker. Joshua grew up in a Christian family under the guardianship of his father, who is a respected Reverend of Pull Together Apostolic in Zion at Bambeni village.

“The story behind my stage name of Psalmist Jay comes from the bible in the Psalms of David, and is all about giving praises to the most high God. I chose the title of a Psalmist because I am a worshipper,” he explained.

Psalmist Jay was inspired by the late Vuyo Mokoena, whose music, he grew up listening to. He says he chose gospel music because singing helps him connect to God, and to feel His presence.

For those not familiar with Psalmist Jay’s music, he says they can expect healing, spiritual upliftment and the teaching of Word of God as he minsiters through singing.

“I want to deliver the massage of the old God of Abram, Moses, Elijah, Peter and other giants of faith. He is still the same God today, and can still heal and provide. He uses one of the songs in his album titled “Unchangeable God” to remind and cajole the people of God to go back to Christ and to the gospel of Christ. “Our generation has a lot of Christians who believe on materialistic things and on prophets, who are mere mortal beings, and have forgotten the most High God,” he bemoaned.

Jay just released his first single, “ndzi tlakuse” from his upcoming debut album titled: “For his glory”, which he started working on in February. “The song means a lot to me because before the people of this world uplift me, I want God to uplift me first and usher me into His glorious presence because the bible says, ‘in His presence, I am safe’. In order for me to serve him fully, He must lift me up above the standard of this world,” said the Pslamist.

“Gospel music is profound because it is inspired by the holy spirit, and requires those who minister through music to follow what the holy spirit says. The inspiration behind my single, as well as my upcoming album is born out a deep desire to work for God without looking for material things of this world,” he said.

“My fans, gospel fans and music lovers in general can anticipate a lot of worship songs, and I will also feature some hip hop artists. They can also expect the teaching of the Word because my mission is to pass a massage by preaching the Word of God through music. I hope you will enjoy it as I’m getting positive feedback on the single track ‘Ndzi Tlakuse Hosi Yeso’ which is doing well, and for which I give glory to God,” he concluded.

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