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Papa Penny accuses daughter’s maternal family of taking advantage of his fame

By Accra Maweya

Penny Penny. Image supplied.  

Giyani Eric Kobane, better known as Penny Penny has been hailed by his fans for standing his ground after refusing to pay a hefty R24 000 in damages for one of his daughters. 

The iconic Xitsonga musician who now has a reality show called ‘Papa Penny Aheee’ on DSTV channel Mzansi Magic, set tongues wagging during the last episode of his show. Penny Penny is also well-known for having fathered a lot number of children with different mothers, and has been trying to reconnect with them since the show began two years ago. 

He decided to send his family delegation to visit Anele’s maternal home to pay damages – a fine in the African culture that the father pays for impregnating a woman out of wedlock. Anele’s family demanded a sum of R24 000 in damages, which stirred the wrath of Papa Penny. 

“I am not paying lobola here. That woman already had kids when I met her. How much did they charge for the other children? They mustn’t be silly,” retorted Papa Penny. 

It is standard practice for most families not to demand an exorbitant amount of money for damages, hence Papa Penny sent his delegation with only R10 000. 

Papa Penny welcomed his 25th child last year and has since been on our TV screens giving us a glimpse into his interesting life. Penny Penny is well-known as the Shangaan Disco King and for the songs he produced such as Shaka bundu and many more. 

Although his legacy is legendary, the Disco King has the Twitter streets on lockdown as many stay glued to their screens to watch the man’s lifestyle and unique way of speaking English. 

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