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OPINION: Did the first Mr Post annual music festival planned for the 26th of October in Palms, Chiawelo hit a snag or it’s just a dream being deferred?

Writes Owen Mafukele 

This and many more other questions could be best genuinely answered, although in an honest way by the subject in question, who in this instance is Mr Post… A Xitsonga music artist from ka-Ngove village in the outskirts of Giyani.

Perhaps, before I attempt to tackle this latest postponement of the show, which happens to be for the second time the event get shifted around in a short space of time…

 Let’s first unpack what might be the real cause and the reason behind all these shenanigans, which of late have unwittingly besieged Tsonga musicians at large. 

We are all privy to the details of what exactly transpired at the Peter Mokaba stadium in Polokwane, Limpopo province when Benny Mayengani’s Fill Up became rather a sorry affair. Sabotage! 

Could the reports of crying foul about the sabotage from some sections of those who have the inner dealings with the artist himself hold any water? 

Previously, on an online video surfaced when the ‘eish’ (read shit) hit the fan and had to force a hand on having the first shindig postponed, Mr Post together with a representative from Palms came out to clear the air with what had then compelled JMPD(Johannesburg Metro Police Department) to thwart the festival dead on its tracks from going ahead.

The narrative furnished then, was that there were some outstanding papers that were not sorted with City of Joburg council in seeking permission to make use of the public space where the stage was erected. 

A promise was made to ticket holders to safely safeguard and keep their tickets for a new date of the event, that was also rushly announced on the eleventh hour few hour immediately after the event was canned on its infantry stages. 

How much does an artists make though through the release of an album and sales annually? 

Mind boggling as it is, it’s a pertinent question we ought to ask ourselves before our artists lure us into believing the impossible and half baked dreams, especially those that are in the entertainment industry… 

Could it be enough to finance a music festival… I am not in a better position to answer an open ended question like this though. 

First and foremost, staging a successful event requires those who are behind such an initiative to be financially pregnant. You heard me well. 

We expect an artist or at least those who are working together with them to carry a pregnancy term which is equal to that of an elephant, which last for eighteen months before it delivers a young and healthy bouncing bundle of joy.

Sponsors also ought to come on board to endorse the program through a pledge of covering the costs of all the nitty gritties of the entire event to be a success. Funds must be moved around to see the whole program becoming a success. Alright then, let’s say the sponsors were there for sanity’s sake… 

Department of arts and culture of a particular province where the event was billed for, plays a significant role in helping to deliver a successful event. National lotteries always make contributions of some sort, more especially on initiatives that are meant to uplift and help give exposure to home brewed talent. 

Be that as it may, which then brings me to the most focal point of the whole fracas… There’s an old English adage, which if properly used may hammer some sense into the quagmire one of our artist find himself embroiled in.

“Charity begins at home” Giyani awaits for a perfect opportune moment to play host to an event of this magnitude organised by You… We all have to start somewhere, and it must be born in mind that baby steps are always invariably pivotal and plays a significant role in turning our wildest imaginations into becoming a success. 

Mr Post, is a talented musician and his music of late has made many of those who have picked sides between him and Benny Mayengani to dance to his tunes in secrecy. 

“Hambi va ku xanisa evukatini u nga lanwi, Ndza xi tiva xo tsakisa wansati… i mnandi nandi nandi nandi”. 

Please, don’t throw in the towel yet, but keep on attempting to have your dreams realized. Go back to the drawing board, and come back stronger to punch above your weight… pardon the pun. 

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