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Only Virgins To Parade Half Naked When The Boys Return From The Mountain- Kokwani Ximamayilani

An adult paraded half naked during the welcoming ceremony in Malamulele. Image supplied.

By Jade Mthombeni

Speaking to Giyani View kokwani Ximamayilani Baloyi from ka- Dzumeri said in the old days, only virgins were allowed to parade half naked when welcoming the teenagers from the mountains.


She also made it clear that these days things have changed for the worse. “You find that an adult woman with 6 children is parading half nude during the celebration ceremony. It’s taboo, and the traditional chiefs should start investigating these individuals, and the culprits should be dealt with accordingly.

The tradition of initiation is under attack, and we should not let that happen. We must protect it at all costs,’ she added.

Giyani View spoke to Kokwani Ximamayilani after an adult paraded half naked during the welcoming ceremony in Malamulele on Thursday.


Dozens of jovial mothers have this morning celebrated the return of their boys after a month at the initiation school in Lekgwareng village.

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