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Mafanato Tekkie wash creates jobs for 5 unemployed youths

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Despite crippling unemployment rate and job losses which are further exacerbated by the marauding COVID-19 pandemic that has robbed many people of their livelihoods and shattered the hopes of millions to find employment, one Giyani-based entrepreneur has decided to rise up and do it for himself. Nhlamulo Mabunda (29) took an initiative to create jobs by starting a Tekkie Wash Business in Giyani Town. Mafanato Tekkie wash officially opened with a bang on Saturday, 25 July 2020, boosting five full time employees.

Mafanato Tekkie wash received great support as people brought their dirty sneakers and shoes for a wash. Nhlamulo identified a need of Tekkie Wash and took action. “I was trying to fill the gap here in our area as we don’t have Tekkie Wash and it’s pretty much difficult for people to wash their own sneakers, hence many are going around with dirty sneakers on a daily basis and that’s where I generated this idea,” he said.

His aim is not only to provide services to the community of Giyani but to create employment for youth and take them out of the streets. “The aim is not to make millions but to fight unemployment and take the youth out of the streets as they might end up doing drugs and committing crime. I’m proud to say I have created five jobs so far,” he added.

He went further to explain that such opportunities can sustain his employees and help them put food on the table. The founder’s long terms goals are to employ as many people and to encourage the youth to start business ventures which can sustain them while waiting for their desired jobs or breakthroughs.

One of their first customer, Vutivi Shivambu applauded them for an incredible job they did on his sneakers. ”If Mafanato Tekkie wash could maintain such a class standard, they will go far. I never thought my sneakers could look as good as new. I was taking a risk but I love the results and I’m definitely coming back again with more,” she said.

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