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‘Lion’ Slays A Cow At Mageva Dam

By Thandi Mathebula

Giyani View has been reliably informed that a cow was found killed by a lion on Monday, May 23rd at Mageva dam.


It is reported that members of the Dzumeri community outside Giyani detected a lion print near Mageva Dam on Friday.

It was claimed that the footprint had disappeared towards the bushes of the village of Munghonghoma.

Giyani View’s source claimed that two cows were found killed by a lion at Molototsi River on Friday afternoon.

Local farmers have confirmed that a cow was savagely killed, and they suspect that it was killed by a lion.

“In the 70’s to 90’s we had cattle killed by lions and when we look at this cow, the bites are those of a lion”, they claimed.

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The locals are warned to be extremely careful, the lion is suspected of roaming around the villages of Dzumeri.

REMEMBER- “If you see a lion, stop and look it straight in the eyes — you must never run.”

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