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Limpopo health spokesperson survive hijacking and abduction

By Rhandzu Khubayi

The department of health spokesperson in Limpopo, Neil Shikwambana.

The Limpopo Department of Health Spokesman, Neil Shikwambana took to Facebook to thank his family, community members, Maake SAPS and his colleague following a foiled hijacking and abduction at his home village, Julesburg outside Tzaneen on Friday, 11 September 2020. Shikwambana escaped the ordeal unharmed.

Shikwambana wrote on his Facebook account that the abductors threw him into the boot of his own car. “They took me to the bush about 15km from the scene, to probably remove the tracking device before they could finalise the execution of their plan.

“Community members from my village (Julesburg) literally came out in search for me and the car. They kept the abductors busy by calling my number non-stop to check if I am fine and in the process distracted them from locating the tracking device.

“Of course a number of items were lost during the incident, but hey I am grateful to be alive with no single scratch except the emotional and psychological ones which are being addressed. An hour and a half in the hands of people whom I did not know nor their ultimate intention and plan felt like a lifetime in hell. Will they shoot me? Will they burn the car while I’m locked in this boot? Will they lock the car and leave me to suffocate inside here? Suddenly Psalm 46:1 made sense and through it all I silently prayed, “Yehovha I khokholo ni matimba ya hina, hi yena xichavelo xa ku pona”.

“Maybe one day, I’ll chronicle the whole ordeal in detail, but for now I am just grateful to be alive, to see the smile on my wife’s face and watch my kids run around.

“To the community of Julesburg, Burgersdorp, Maake SAPS, Mr Smith of the Colaco Farms Neighbourhood Watch, my family, friends and colleagues in the department of health, thank you!

“If it was not for you, who knows! I’d probably be dead and sleeping in my grave”.

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