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The chickens are coming back home to roast!

The chickens are coming back home to roast!

Xilumami Holdings Boss, Howard Mashaba. Image/ Vulani Baloyi.

By Angie Nkuna

Giyani View has been  reliably informed that Police Detective, Sydney Maringa was yesterday somehow manipulated to drop the charges he laid against Xilumani Holdings Boss, Howard Mashaba.

This follows yesterday’s incident where tempers flared in a road rage confrontation which left the complainant with a bruised face.

It’s alleged that Mashaba and his bodyguards have assaulted Police Detective, Maringa attached to Giyani SAPS and his brother, Norman Maringa.

The two brothers were traveling in a police vehicle when the alleged road rage occurred in D1, Four-way stop, next to Nkwangulatilo private school some few meters outside Giyani town.

It’s understood that one of the senior police officer, attached to Giyani SAPS who was off duty yesterday did what’s known as name dropping after he claimed to have received a call from his superior who received a call from the Limpopo provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Nneke Ledwaba.

According to our reliable source, the senior police officer told Maringa to drop the charges after Mashaba called General Bheki Cele, who called the provincial commissioner Lieutenant General Ledwaba to fix the matter.

Our source further explained that the police officer told Maringa that he came to be a go between after he was instructed to do so by his superior who received the call from General  Ledwaba.

Maringa’s family spokesperson, Mike Maringa told Giyani View that his brother, Police Detective, Sydney has been pressured to drop the charges against Mashaba.

“I was at the hospital at the time my brother went to the station to open  a case and he was taken to the private room where he was manipulated and fed with lies!

“He was told to drop the charges because Mashaba will open a counter charge against my brother and both of them will be locked up.

“My brother, was told that Mashaba has money and he will bring the strong defense team to take him out of prison cells and he will be the one remaining behind.

“I have called a Senior General of Giyani SAPS and he refused to have received a call from  the provincial commissioner. Later on the day we managed to open a case against Mashaba who arrived afterwards to open a counter charge against my brothers who one of them (Norman) is still admitted in Nkhesani Hospital.”

Our source in conclusion revealed that Mashaba said that he will pay for the damage of the state vehicle which it was rebuked by the state.

Mashaba told Giyani View that after talking to Maringa at the police station he realized that they have spoken before over the phone.

“I have spoken with Maringa before about the businesses and I felt a need to replace the broken window of the state vehicle. I have agreed to do so because I have known Detective Maringa over the phone.

“He’s the one who caused the accident. This whole thing started in town, Masingita Mall. I have received a call from one of my guys and he said to me we should meet before Nkwangulatilo education center. I had to drive slowly and he knocked my car from the back.

“He tried to escape that’s when I started chasing after him and I managed to pull him out of the road at the traffic circle. I went straight to him and he pulled out the gun and he pointed on me… we fought.

“When I went to the police station, I have found him to be plotting against me with his colleagues that I should face 3 chargers. After I wasn’t getting any help for more than an hour I have called the General, Bheki Cele who called General Ledwaba.

“General Ledwaba has called Giyani station commander. Colonel Mabasa had to come after he was instructed to do so by his superior.” Concluded Mashaba.

Giyani View has learned that Mashaba’s money laundering, theft and fraud R20k bail might be revoked if this charges stand.

Maringa family has vowed to take the matter to IPID.

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