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The school got blessed with recent technology

The school got blessed with recent technology

A ZED digital computer has been donated to the school principal Rodgers Mayimele. Image/ Ntsakiso Nkuna.

By Ntsakiso Nkuna

Greater stepping stone donated 20 computers to Rirhandzu primary school in Nkomo 22A village, outside Giyani town, for learners to familiarize themselves with technology at an early age.

Mutsondi Development Forum also donated one ZED digital computer to the school principal Rodgers Mayimele.

Mutsondzi Development Forum is an Non-Government Organization (NGO) that compromises of Nkomo 22A community members and its prime purpose is to help enlighten   and pave the way for the upcoming generation to learn and adapt to the new ways of using  technology and the internet in order to minimise the digital division.

The Forum’s chairperson, David Mabunda outlined their purpose for donating these computers, and he said they want to make sure they produce academics from the early age.

“We received these computers through donations from four different companies in order to better the lives of those who come after us”. said Mabunda.

“Our forum is open to anyone who is willing to be part of this initiative, if you have anything to donate let’s come together and help those who are in need”. concluded Mabunda.

The community is very pleased with this generous donation as these digital devices are going to empower the youngsters.

“The initiative is going to make a huge difference in our community as our children will grow up knowing how to best use the computer and its components.” Said one of the community members who wished to remain anonymous.

The School principal Rodgers Mayimele shown appretiation for the prestigious donation, and further encouraged the donors to give to others as they did with them.

“I am glad that learners, teachers and the community as a whole are going to benefit from this programme, I would also like to thank this forum for doing such a great deed and thinking about us and the needs of the learners.” Said Mayimele.

The school gardening body (SGB) chairperson Lawrence Ngobeni said they are really grateful to the forum for giving back to the community and they hope they can be generous to other people as they were with them.

“We deem it necessary for us to thank the forum as we know it’s not every organisation that think of the less fortune.” Said Ngobeni.

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