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Gloves are off between Siyadhani residents and Simajiko

Stranded taxi commuters in the area are using bakkies as alternative transport. Image/ Giyani View.

Siyadhani residents on Sunday, 10 January 2021 met Simajiko officials following a deadly crash between a minibus taxi and an ambulance on R81 and Siyadhani junction last Monday, 04 January 2021.


This after allegations surfaced that a local Taxi association (Simajiko) was responsible for causing the accident which claimed at least three (3) lives on the scene and another three (3) died a few days later in hospital.

Giyani View’s source confirmed that the victims are from Siyadhani and Jim villages.

It’s alleged a taxi association member was trailing after the minibus taxi when it skipped the traffic lights while averting to pay a fine.

Our source said the driver had been on the look out for hitchers to Polokwane, and his destination was North West province.

The disgruntled residents closed down Siyandhani, Jimu, Nkurhi and Mapuve Taxi Rank in Giyani CBD on Saturday. In the morning, furious residents staged a protest in the village. No destruction of property or fatalities reported on the day.

Protesters moved to Giyani CBD to close down the taxi rank after receiving reports that some taxis in Giyani CBD are using alternative routes to travel between Jim and Mapuve villages.

Almost all taxis were removed from the taxi rank by the residents. Hundreds of stranded taxi commuters in the area resorted to using bakkies as alternative transport.

Simajiko officials have until Tuesday, 12 January 2021 to respond to the community’s demands.

Amongst other things the community is demanding; taxis which aren’t owned by Siyadhani, Mapuve, Jim and Nkurhi owners should be removed from the route.

Residents also added that the price hike during the first lockdown should be revisited. “Taxis or buses are now permitted to carry full passengers, and we can’t be paying the same price which was introduced during the first lockdown when they were allowed to carry 70% of the passengers. We also demand that taxis should be removed from the hiking spot”, said one of the community members.


Giyani View’s source within the Simajiko said the association will not meet residents’ demands. “The officials left on Sunday because what they’re demanding is too much”, he said.

Stranded taxi commuters in the area are using bakkies as alternative transport.

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