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Giyani Shutdown Causing Mayhem

By Accra Maweya

The information at Giyani View’s disposal from highly placed source is that, a group of ANC members met Mopani and Giyani Spar employees recently to decamp workers trade union, EPTASAWU.

According to our source who can’t be named for fear of reprisal, a group of cadres aligned to the ANC were part of the meeting held 2 weeks ago which was attended by officials from Greater Giyani Municipality (GGM) and N’wamakena clinic.

“The ANC cadres told the employees that EPTASAWU is not going to save them, hence they are protesting every month without any breakthrough. Employees, however, were not convinced and left before the meeting adjourned,” he said.

Giyani View understands that the meeting was prompted by fears of a planned Giyani shutdown on the 30th of October.

The employer is alleged to have mobilised a number of institutions in Giyani to bar the shutdown from taking place.

The protagonists are reported to have convened the meeting out of conviction that the planned shutdown is a ploy to target the employer. On the 1st of October, Giyani and Mopani Spar employees were protesting against their employer after the previous owner, Mia De Bruyn left without informing the employees whether the two supermarkets are being transferred to a new owner or declared insolvent.

The workers trade union, EPTASAWU engaged the employer who has since changed the trading status more than once. In August this year, employees were informed that the two supermarkets are insolvent, and Injabulo Spar had consequently seized control of the supermarkets.

In response, EPTASAWU demanded the documentary proof to establish the veracity of the claim. Injabulo Spar, which is alleged to be trading in an area which isn’t designated for, claimed that a company called Shasha is in control of the two supermarkets.

Following the recent protest action by the employees, our source alluded that Momentum insurance company has received a termination letter for Mopani and Giyani Spar employees, which was signed by the Human Resource Manager, Boby Mabasa for the pay-out of the provident fund.

EPTASAWU Chairperson, Austin Mabasa said the contract of employees ended in July 2019, but the current employer is withholding their severance packages.

“Momentum was not aware that employees who are getting their provident fund are still working with Mopani and Giyani Spar”, said Mabasa.

Employees received text messages from Momentum alerting them that their details will be forwarded to SARS for updating since their employment contracts were terminated.

Giyani View contacted Momentum who blatantly denied to have sent out the SMSs to employees despite Giyani View having seen more than two SMSs sent to the employees.

Giyani View understands that employees are still hired by Mopani and Giyani Spar, which trade under DEVENCO 44 PTY LTD and KESTA Pty Ltd and managed by Mia De Bruyn.

Mabasa confirmed that employees haven’t signed employment contracts with a company called Shasha thus far. Employees are demanding a swift resolution of the impasse regarding their hard earned dividends. To further compound matters, it is alleged that stakeholders who should be helping the employees are soliciting bribes from the employer.

On the ongoing investigation into the matter conducted by Giyani View, we found that Mopani Spar owes GGM a staggering R6 million and MDC a six months’ worth of stock. The money is said to have been used for the transfer of the two supermarkets.

Nhlalala Twala of Injabulo Spar has not yet provided Giyani View with answers on the number of issues taking place in Giyani and Mopani Spar after he was contacted last week by email. Twala pleaded for more time to gather all the information. GGM Spokesperson, Steven Mavunda was not immediately available for a comment.

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