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Giyani police still warn motorists to be vigilant

Hlaniki, Gandlanani, and Nwamakena residents closed down the R81 road.  Image supplied. 

By Angie Nkuna 

Aggrieved residents from Hlaniki, Gandlanani, and Nwamakena are still roaming around the R81 this morning.

Yesterday, residents closed down, and barricaded R81 and R578 with tree branches, burning tyres and stones.

According to Giyani police the community members are demanding the tar road from Greater Giyani Municipality (GGM).

Police spokesperson, Ridgewell Rikhotso says public order policing (POP) have been deployed to the area since yesterday and the situation is calm.

“But motorists should be extra cautious when driving in the area. The police are there, but you can’t trust protesters have a lot of strategies to block the roads.”

Motorists are further advised to use alternative routes.

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