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Feud over Boti-majuly’s royalties hits the roof

By Angie Nkuna 

A battle over Boti-majuly’s royalties has gained momentum after Godfrey Fanyani Mabunda (32) opened discussions with Boti-majuly’s manager Tirhani Mabasa, allegedly demanding to be privy of Boti-majuly’s daily performance rate.

Speaking to Giyani View on Monday, Mabunda alleged his brother had been milked by those who were managing him.

Fanyani further claimed he had discussions with the likes of Benny Mayengani who allegedly argued Boti-majuly had been used.

“On Monday, Benny called me and we met in Tembisa, Gauteng before I left for Witbank, Mpumalanga. He then phoned the Mapungubwe organizers asking them to withhold the payment which was supposed to be deposited today (Monday) to Tirhani’s Bank account.

“When my brother returned from a festival, N’wamitwa day on Sunday, since he had gone on Friday night, he was paid R1000 regardless of the fortunes he made during that festival. I definitely want to see my brother’s bank statement because I don’t understand why they booked a hotel just to waste his money. He should have been left to attend the festival in the morning because it’s a few kilometers from Bambeni village, to Ka-n’wamitwa,”Fanyani fumed.

He said that people need to understand that his brother should be saving more money than wasting it at the hotels. “I was touched on Sunday when he had to take five (5) pills since he is mentally disturbed, trying to replace those days he didn’t take his medication.

“Tirhani can’t claim that is managing Boti-july simple because he is a psychiatric patient. It’s better if he receives all his moneys through his bank account. Mayengani will advise us in terms of rates and I’m happy that my brother made a pro-announcement that he doesn’t want to be managed by her because she is milking him,” concluded Fanyani.

Giyani View understands that Dance Makhubele (28), the son of Xitsonga legendary musician H.W Makhubele, should be the one managing Boti-majuly, however #YenaAyakwini phrase owner is having a contract with Humba Communication- owned by SABC 2 Xitsonga weather anchor to silence him.

Mabasa told Giyani View that already she spent a lot (money) to make Boti-majuly a brand. “I bought him clothes with my money. I’m always in talks with him, trying to make a brand out of him and I told him more than ones that he should stop drinking (profusely). He has been travelling from Bambeni to Gauteng since we met, and he has been using my money which he can’t repay.

“Our agreement with Majulie is that when he is booked I will take 30% and 70% will be deposited into his bank account. I have full permission from his aunt who also updated me about his illness and I make sure that he takes his medication now and then. 

“Fanyani, should understand that this career isn’t that easy and that things don’t just come overnight. Yes, I charge 12K and the event’s organizers decline to pay and some are willing to pay even 2k. 

“I’m a Hustler myself. I had an album before I met Boti-majuly. Trust me, Boti-majuly isn’t a musician, but an entertainer and his career can’t be guaranteed so he must be saving more. Those who are starting to advise the likes of Fanyani are just feeling the pressure that Boti-majuly has arrived in a short space of time,” stresses Mabasa. 

Mabasa claimed she didn’t remember using Boti-majuly’s royalties to pay a hotel bill. “Yes, we had an event in Tembisa and it was my event and it didn’t make a profit. I’m  working hand-in-hand with Makhubele,” added Mabasa.

When Mabasa was asked if she made follow-ups after Mapungubwe festival organizers didn’t make a deposit, she said she didn’t remember Boti-majuly been booked for Mapungubwe festival. 

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