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Boti Ready, How Low Can You Go… ‘Haka Matorokisi’

Boti Ready.  Image supplied/ Twitter. 

By Owen Mafukele 

Maybe or maybe just, this lowly newspaperman wishes to proclaim well in advance that I am not a musical pundit of some sorts… but believe you me, I can differentiate between noise and feel good kind of music, and into diagnosing trash music.

 We have done it before to roll red carpet for mediocrity, but at least not this time around. 

During the year 2010 world cup shindig when everyone was preoccupied with ‘Phillip’, the name derived from SABC’s motto who were the host broadcaster of the 2010 FIFA world Cup… where ‘Feel it, it is here’ gained traction across the globe.

Little did we know that Shakira’ song ‘wakawaka’ the official 2010 world cup theme song could become such a sensation, which then led to one Tsonga musical artist, Boti Ready who also then saw a perfect opportunity to cash in and decided to stake a claim on the song as he went to do his own rendition of wakawaka. 

Well, we kept quite thinking that maybe it was a once off occurrence. 

Subsequently, he did not inadvertently pull a Ras Dumisani on it though. 

A select few might still remember an incident that was once captured on a live tv when the Springboks… South Africa’s senior man rugby team were to entertain one of their rugby foes… when Ras Dumisani butchered our national anthem.

 It was not just bad. It was not-knowing-where to look bad. 

Let me digress… and delve a bit on a prose post-war confession first made in German in 1946 by the German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemoller (1892-1984).

“First they came for the communist

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a communist

Then they came for socialist 

And I did not speak out 

Because I was not a socialist 

Then they came for the trade unionists 

And I did not speak out 

Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the jews

And I did not speak out 

Because I was not a jew 

Then they came for me 

And there was no one left 

To speak out for me” 

Apparently, earlier on yesterday during the course of the day… we tried to address Boti Ready for his rather uncalled for thieving tendencies of other artists songs and remixes them. 

We call spade a spade, and I for did not mince my words but called Boti Ready out for precisely what he is. A lazy to think artist with no creativity whatsoever. 

Boti Ready is a thief of other musicians intellectual property rights. My wish is to have one of the artists he has stole songs from to sue the guy’s pants off… just to help teach him a free lesson. It’s nothing personal. 

Dude, where is your creativity if all you do is to wait for other musicians to release songs and then, uninvited, You jump and cash in on someone’s hard work for cheap political point scoring and two minutes fame.

There’s nothing new about what Boti Ready did with his expropriation of Makhadzi’s latest released hit… ‘Haka Matorokisi’ as he unwittingly did what he’s famous for, which is to steal and theft. Creative wise the lad is pathetic and simply an excuse of a musician. 

Maybe, if I was like any of you out there and having being diagnosed to be suffering from macaroni backbone disease… 

I wouldn’t dare call him out. What the man does is an insult to other XiTsonga musicians and an embarrassment to music fraternity at large. 

I just trust that one day, Yes one day… someone with balls of steel will put the man in his place. And, he must also grow a pair, please… just this once. Maybe it’s high time he concentrate on dancing and leave music to real musicians. 

It’s just a thought. What do you think?

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