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‘A guy with a good fashion sense’ – Lekker Stylist is growing in leaps and bounds

By Matimu Mabunda

Ntsako Nukeri (26). Image supplied.  

Ntsako Lekkerlaag Nukeri(26), popularly known as Lekker Stylist is on the verge of becoming a brand not only isolated to his social media followers, but a personal Stylist to prominent people in the country.

Ntsako draws his Inspiration from the talented and unique Shaun Stylist, who is commended for his fashion sense. Born and bred in Giyani, Nkomo 22A, Lekker has always had an eye for fashion, he has a reputation of being ‘this guy with a good fashion sense’, and recalls how he used to don colour blocking outfits inspired by his native Xitsonga tradition and people would applaud his colour coordination and admire his fashion trend awareness. 

“It has been my dream to pursue a career in the entertainment and fashion industry. However, my family was initially not supportive, which discouraged me from following my passion for fashion and making a profession out of it”, Lekker said. He recounts how his parents dismissed his passion, stating that he should opt for something that will guarantee food on the table, not a farfetched dream of being a stylist. 

In 2017, Lekker started following the famous Shaun Stylist on social media. On a daily basis he used to watch closely and acknowledge his role model’s good taste in fashion because he embodied creativity, flair, organization, something that was well translated to himself.

Today Lekker Stylist, just like his mentor is often seen looking debonair in El Dambie suits and designed clothes because they best describe him as a stylist, with his fashion awareness and authenticity, people started to take notice and many would personally ask him to be their own Stylist. 

Some would ask if he was a designer or if he had his own clothing range. Little did they know that they were propelling aspirant stylist towards realizing his true passion. 

Lekker has a Crew of AmaClassicman which hosts smaller events every year in different places, with the aim of showcasing a variety of couture clothing range. These events also serve as an advertisement tool to expose his work to local filmmakers and music video producers. Lekker dreams of being a brand ambassador to local shops and different brands in future. 

Early this year Lekker talent started to gain traction on social media and the number followers grew exponentially due to increased interest in his products and services. Inspired by Talenta Tiba’s funny videos, he also ventured into Tiktok short-form mobile videos platform. Through this engine, he started to make his own videos which blew people’s mind and left them pleading for more because of his humor and acting skills. Many of his followers are now familiar with his work, which helps him to offer content that is personalized to their interest.

This personal touch has attracted more engagement on the page from keen prospective customers and businesses.
He is hoping that his popularity on social media will give him the market edge as a brand when he finally launch his clothing range. Being an all-rounder, he also has a big interest in the media industry and aspire to become an actor. While waiting for his big break, Lekker survives by selling variety yoghurts in Gauteng and Limpopo. 

Lekker Stylist is available on the following social media platforms:
Facebook page: LekkerStylist
Instagram: @LekkerStylist_
Twitter: @LekkerStylist
Tiktok: LekkerStylist

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