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65-year-old arrested in Mokgwathi village for raping, granddaughter (14)

The continuing murder and rape of women and children in Limpopo is an indication that the perpetrators of these heinous acts have a total disregard of the law and deliberately undermine the human rights of the victims.

This is according to the MEC for Social Development, Nkakareng Rakgoale, who has reacted to the latest incident of Gender Based Violence which saw a 65-year old man raping his own granddaughter (14) in Mokgwathi village outside Ga-Kgapane.

Police say the man repeatedly raped the victim since 2018 and gave her money to keep her from speaking out. She broke the silence after the suspect wanted to sell her to two other men for sexual exploitation.

In another incident an eight year old girl was raped and murdered  allegedly by her uncle at Xipungu village outside Letsitele.

“I want to praise the victim who took it upon herself to speak out and end the ordeal she has been suffering since 2018. We continue to call on people who are in abusive situations to break the silence so that we can clamp down on incidents of Gender Based Violence. Social workers have been immediately dispatched to the area to start providing psychosocial support services to the victim and her family. I am optimistic that the Technical Committe that we are going to establish together with the Department of Transport and Community Safety, will go a long way in assisting the government in dealing with the attacks on women and children as it will include civil society and other relevant stakeholders.” said MEC Rakgoale.

Victims  of Gender Based Violence are encouraged to report such cases to the police or call the Department of Social Development’s National Command Support Center 0800 428 428. They can alternatively contact Social workers who are operating in different communities.

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