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Limpopo Health Responds To Outcry Over Weedy Grounds At Nkhensani Hospital

Weedy grounds within precinct of Nkhensani Hospital. Image/ Nsuku Rikhotso. 

By Nsuku Rikhotso

The Department of Health in Limpopo has on Tuesday responded to a public outcry caused by pictures circulating on social media about weedy grounds within precinct of Nkhensani Hospital.

Limpopo Department of Health spokesperson Neil Shikwambana said that the process of clearing the grounds had commenced prior the festive holidays, but was disrupted by the good rainfall experienced in the province.

“The situation was exacerbated by the fact that the most of our groundsmen went to festive rest,” said Shikwambana.

The department further explained that this situation is not solely confined to Nkhensani Hospital, but has affected most facilities in the province.

“The MEC requested CEOs of all hospitals to submit their debushing plans at the beginning of this month,” continued Shikwambana.

The department has given an assurance to the community that the programme to clear the grounds at Nkhensani and all other hospitals has been restarted.

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